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What Is The Hope Fund

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   The Hope Fund is an all volunteer non-profit program in Hillsborough County, Florida. Most of our services are in the town of Wimauma, Fl. 100% of all funds raised are for the children. There are no administrative fees.        

   Many of our volunteers are residents in the area of Sun City Center, Florida and Ruskin, Florida. They offer their time and talent to the children of Wimauma, in particular, those in need of special friendship, kindness and skill development.

   The Hope Fund is always searching for new members and programs. If you would like to volunteer for a current program, or have a special talent you would like to share, The Hope Fund would welcome your contributions.



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What Does A Volunteer Do

   A volunteer works with a child one hour a week from 3:30- 4:30 p.m. No special educational background is needed. We have people from all walks of life. The only requirement is to enjoy helping a child in grades K-5th grade. Readers work on Monday, tutors and mentors work on Wednesday. Chess players work on Friday. All programs are in Wimauma.

What Must I Do To Apply As A Volunteer?

   Interested men and women can call (813) 590 - 8448 or (413) 335 - 6345 where more information will be available to you.

Also you can e-mail Carla Miles at           Volunteer Application Click Here


   Our vision is to remove the educational, social and cultural   barriers that could prevent a migrant child from reaching their full potential. This requires trust between an adult and child, time spent with the child, and a community to serve as both a safe haven and reliable resource for the child.  

   We offer a safe and nurturing environment for children, through planned and supervised after school programs.

   Our mentoring program, tutoring and reading programs provide life skills and strategies to improve a child's outcomes, whether it be academic, social or behavior-based.


  The Hope Fund for Children mission is to help children have a  better life through education and enrichment activities,and to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our children.


Volunteer Tutors and Students Comments

“I like when she teaches me numbers and the alphabet.”
…Elizabeth, student, 5 years old

“I enjoy children and helping them learn. Hopefully, I can make a
difference in some small way.”
… tutor, 7 years as a HF Tutor

I enjoy learning and doing activities with Ms. Joan. We play multiplication and division games. I learned a lot this year.”
…student, grade 4

   “I like coming after school because it’s like home. At home Mama and Grandma teach me, and here the ladies remind me of them. I look forward to coming here.”
… student

“She’s nice and helpful to me.”
… student, grade 3

“I get help with homework. My grades improved from 60% to 80%.”
…Gerardo, student, grade 5, 10 years old

“She is nice and helpful to me. I like playing games and puzzles.”
…student, 8 years old

“Working with the students gives me purpose. It’s a pleasant feeling
knowing that you’ve helped someone improve their learning.”
… tutor, 4 years as a HF volunteer

It keeps me interested in the new teaching methods.Also, helping a
child, laughing with them, playing games.”
…tutor, 15 years

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